• John Lasala, New York Lawyer and Financial Advisor

  • Posted on September 15, 2018
  • John Lasala, is a New York lawyer, who has been practicing in that profession for well over 20 years. When they find out how many areas in which he practices law, they tend to be surprised. Whereas John Lasala passed the bar and is admitted to practice in New York, he is also admitted to practice in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia. He is also an international lawyer, as well, with a license to practice law in the United Kingdom, as well. That means he is eligible to work as a solicitor in England and Wales.It is not entirely unusual to find an attorney who is licensed in both the U.S and the U.K., but then, John Lasala of New York is no ordinary attorney.

    John Lasala

    In addition to being a lawyer who represents business clients of all types and sizes, John Lasala is also a New York financial advisor. He works for clients as a business development manager, for example. From that perspective, he can establish benchmarks, assist with budget development, and he can identify the best and most successful growth strategies in every sector of the financial services space. He also provides access across global markets.

    Over the course of John Lasala’s New York City twin legal and financial services careers, he has helped companies design, develop, implement and maintain effective marketing strategies, especially with regard to institutional client bases. He is highly regarded for his considerable skill and knowledge when it comes to developing and implementing best practices for any marketing team to make them successful and create marketing campaigns, and for executing market research.

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